You’re out of town when your loved one calls and tells you he’s having intense chest pain. You tell him to call 9-1-1. Emergency responders arrive at his home to find him unconscious, unable to give them any information about his health history, the medications he takes, his allergies, or your contact information.

Sounds like a nightmare for everyone, yes? But what if, when EMS arrived, they saw a Vial of Life sign on his front door? That sign would send them to his refrigerator where they’d see a Vial of Life magnet on the fridge. Inside, they’d find a large pill bottle labeled Vial of Life in the refrigerator door. Inside the bottle, they’d find a health information form you filled out earlier with all the basic information they need to treat your loved one and to take to the hospital.

Contact the fire department in your loved one’s community and ask for a Vial of Life. If they don’t participate in the program, make your own Vial of Life and put signs on the front door and refrigerator. If you need an information form, send me an email (use the comment space below – I won’t make your email address public) and I’ll send you a pdf.

Important: Fill out the form in pencil! Medications and other information change and you need to be able to update the form. The system doesn’t work if the info isn’t current.