The blasted remote control for mom’s television and cable box is driving us both crazy. The box came with a huge remote that has dozens of tiny buttons that even I have trouble seeing, understanding, and manipulating. That’s not the only problem with the thing. When mom accidentally hits one or more “wrong” buttons, she de-programs the box and the TV. It takes days for someone from the cable company to fix the problem.

Confident that someone must have invented a remote that’s easier to use, I started shopping. To my great surprise, I found nothing in stores. So, I jumped on the Internet and quickly found several possibilities.

After talking it over with mom, we decided to order a Flipper ( Designed specifically for seniors, it has six large buttons and operates the cable box and the TV. OK, it actually has many more buttons than that, but they’re hidden under a panel that slides off the front. These buttons allow you to program the remote and protect against accidental de-programming.

After the remote arrives and I’ve programmed it, I’ll let you know what mom and I think of it. In the meantime, have you found other remotes that work with a cable box and TV that are easy for seniors to use? If so, please share what they are and your experiences with them. Thanks!