I’ve been getting questions from readers and from people attending presentations about my book. I thought you’d like to see some of them — and my answers!

Question: I’ve given one of my kids Power of Attorney and the other one will be executor of my estate. Is that OK?

Answer: Yes, it’s fine to divide the responsibilities in this way. Be sure each child knows the limits of his or her authority. For example, the child who’s executor cannot make health care or financial decisions; that’s the sole responsibility of child who’s Power of Attorney.


Question: In one of your blogs, you said you were going to order a Flipper remote TV control for your mom. Did she like it?

Answer: That was the October 24, 2016 blog. We didn’t order the Flipper because it doesn’t have a button that returns the viewer to the previous channel.


Question: At one of your presentations, you talked about contractors who can modify a house so people can still live at home as they get older. What were the details about those contractors?

Answer: The National Association of Home Builders awards CAP — Certified Aging-In-Place — certification to contractors who’ve completed specialized training. These contractors assess a home’s safety and accessibility and modify the home in ways that allow people to age in place. Visit the National Association of Home Builders website for more information.


Question: How many copies of the death certificate should I order after my dad dies?

Answer: My standard answer is 12, but I’ve heard from some people that they needed only five, while others needed more than 12. So if you’re not sure, start with four or five. If you need more, you can get them from the appropriate county or state office. That might be the Register of Deeds or the state’s Vital Records Department.