Pop quiz! Your loved one lives alone and has a medical emergency. He calls 9-1-1 but by the time emergency responders arrive he’s unconscious and cannot give them any information about his medical history, allergies, or medications.

#1. True or False: All emergency responders are trained to look at or in the refrigerator to find medical information about the person/people in the home.

#2. True or False: The first place emergency responders will look for information about your loved one is his cell phone, where they’ll search for the ICE — In Case of Emergency — contact.

The answer to each question is … False. Some localities train their personnel to look at or in the refrigerator, but not all do so. The same is true of ICE information.

So where should you put this vital information so emergency responders will be sure to find it? Place a sticker or sign on all exterior doors notifying them that there is medical information for them. The File of Life and the Vial of Life programs have such stickers. Having seen the sticker or sign, emergency responders will likely check the refrigerator. If there are multiple refrigerators in the house, put the information in or on each one.

If you post the info on the refrigerator door, put it in a clearly labeled envelope. This will protect the information from guests and help emergency responders find it quickly.