Next month’s election will be the first since my mom stopped driving, and although she has neighbors who will gladly drive her to their polling place, I’ve also investigated how she could vote absentee. Here’s what I learned about the absentee voting process.

The Board of Elections in the county or city where your loved one lives is your go-to source for the information you need. To find that Board’s contact information online, search for the name of the county (or city) and Board of Elections. For example, the search I entered in Google for my mom was “Wake County NC Board of Elections.”

Once you verify that your loved one is registered to vote and the Board of Elections has her correct address, the next question is whether she’s allowed to vote absentee. Some states limit absentee voting to people who meet specific criteria. Ask whether your loved one’s state has such restrictions and whether she meets the criteria for voting absentee. She must be allowed to vote absentee in a federal election if she is 65 or older or she is handicapped.

For more information on voting in federal elections, visit’sGuide_508.pdf. And let me know what you’re doing to ensure that your loved one will be able to vote next month.