Mom confessed a few days ago that she put fresh squash on to boil, left the kitchen, and forgot all about it. When she passed through the living room almost two hours later, she noticed an odd smell. Yep, that would be the completely black, charred remains of the former squash.

We all do this once in a while, but when it becomes more common it’s often a primary reason for sending a senior to an assisted living facility. Like many other older adults, my mom wants to remain in her home forever (if possible). Yet fire is a real concern (for me, anyway).

I knew there are kits available to retrofit an electric stove so it will automatically shut off after a specific period of time. I couldn’t find such a kit in a bricks-and-mortar store. Instead, I found three options online.

  1. Available at for $325.00.
  1. Available at for $300.00
  1. Stove Guard. Available at from $599.99 for electric stoves and $649.99 for gas stoves.

In case your loved one is having trouble remembering to keep track of cooking food, I thought I’d let you know about these kits. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but if you have I’d love to hear from you. It may soon be time to retrofit my mom’s stove.