Your loved one moved from her home into an apartment or assisted living facility, and there isn’t enough storage space in her new home. Additional downsizing is likely part of the solution, but you can also create more storage space in her home.

Tip 1: Use wire racks on pantry, kitchen cabinet, and closet shelves. This rack lets me stack items in my tiny pantry and remove them easily.

Tip 2: Install wire shelving on the insides of doors. It can accommodate many kinds of things. Warning: Shelves mounted by hanging over the top of the door can pull the door out of alignment, so don’t put a lot of weight on the shelves.



Tip 3: Small rolling carts fit into all sorts of spaces. This one is in mom’s laundry room and houses her tools, picture hooks, batteries, and similar items.




Tip 4: Use vertical space. Here, we hung the folding racks mom uses to dry clothes that can’t go into the dryer. We also hung her broom and Swiffer. It’s all out of sight behind the laundry room door. 




Tip 5: Install a cabinet (like this one) or a larger piece that sits on the floor over the toilet for more bathroom storage. If you use one that sits on the floor, attach it to the wall with straps or screws.

Tip 6: Use this thin but sturdy shelf liner for wire shelves and racks to keep small things from falling through the gaps in the wires.






Tip 7: Finally, specialty hangers that hold multiple garments or other items are a great way to save space in closets. As you can see, I use a pants hanger for my shawls. Specialty hangers are available for ties, belts, scarves, pants, skirts, blouses, purses, and more. Before you buy any with clamps, be sure your loved one has the strength to open and close them.